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To my Boerboel page, learn more about the boerboel breed, how to look for a good boerboel, and how to train your boerboel

I am still updating my site but look any way

If I have Puppies available or anything exciting you will find it here

Boerboel Information
The Boerboel is a big Mastiff type, sturdy and smooth coated dog. Although the Boerboel should be strong of limb and muscular, it should also be agile and buoyant in movement. The Boerboel should on no account be leggy, nor must he be too short in the leg. A Boerboel's overall conformation should allow him to attain the highest degree of propelling power, together with the greatest length of stride that is compatible with the length of body.

Choosing your Boerboel
Well when you decide to buy a boerboel or any dog, first ask yourself why do you want the dog and if you decide on a dog, find out as much as possible about that breed. DO NOT BUY ANY CROSS BREEDS, the reason is that we do not know what type off temprament the dog will have, especially in big dogs, just think if we cross a boerboel with a pitbull you will have a killer dog that you will not be able to control. What dog do you think bites the most people (the answer is on the about page)

If you want a Family dog then this is it, a boerboel, you will not find a better breed, BUT please check the following, first make sure it is a good breeder, Go to the persons house if possible and see what setup he has, also have a look at the parents and even if possible the hole pedigree, phone around just to make sure.